“Inspiring and Transformational Speaker for Your Spiritual Center or Church”
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Matt’s Talk
A Message to You from Matt
“Dear spiritual leader or minister, thank you for your time in looking at my website. It would be an honor to share my story and message to your members as a guest speaker at a future Sunday Service. From my miraculous story of conquering cancer three times, to going through a bone marrow transplant, relearning how to walk, and running six marathons on six continents; your members will be inspired to create greater victory in their lives. Picture the spiritual growth that will take place in your members hearing my testimonial of life transformational story. I look forward to sharing words of life and wisdom of possibility to your members that will encourage them to operate at a higher level of consciousness.””
5 Reasons why you will love Matt as a guest speaker:
1.Life-Changing Story: Your members will be blessed in discovering a greater potential within them upon hearing
Matt’s miraculous story of conquering cancer when doctors did not think he would live and running marathons around the world after a bone marrow transplant and relearning how to walk.
2. Inspiring Speaker: Your members will be captivated by Matt’s mix of passionate energy, fun humor, and
divine inspiration. Matt will connect will your members through his soulful message spoken from the heart.
3. Life-Transforming Message: Following the message Matt shares, your members’ life can be forever
changed. Matt’s message and story is full of words of life that brings out the very best in others.
4. Example of the Divine Healing Power Within: Matt’s story is an example of the divinity within each
one of us. Matt’s message and story is proof of what is possible in the lives of others.
5. Value: You get the following when you have Matt speak as your guest speaker:

  • Valuable Insights (Your members will receive wisdom providing lasting value)
  • Action Steps (Your members will receive practical steps to immediately impact their lives in a positive way)
  • Useful Spiritual Principles (allowing your members to grow in conscious)
  • Lasting Impact (Matt’s talk provides transformation that last a lifetime)
  • Easy to work with (Matt will be the easiest speaker you have ever scheduled)

Matt’s sunday morning talk

To inspire your members to have, be, and do

MOREIn Matt’s talk, “Creating Your Brightest Future” your members will be inspired by
Matt’s miraculous story of healing to go from where they are to where they want to be. Your members will learn how Matt used metaphysical principles and spiritual truths to go from being a three-time cancer conqueror to running six marathons on six continents after relearning how to walk. Your members will gain the following benefits from Matt’s talk:

  • Be reminded of the divine power of possibility within them
  • Learn how they can use the three causes of Vision, Action, and Attitude to Create their Brightest Future
  • Hear the life-transformational story and message Matt has to share
  • Walk away with their spirit renewed and refreshed

Victory Seminar

To Empower your members to achieve greater Victory

As you know time is limited in the Sunday Morning Service that is why many spiritual centers and churches host Matt
after services to present a seminar allowing your members to experience Matt and the wisdom he has to share from his story on a deeper level. Building upon his talk, “Creating Your Brightest Future”
Matt shares at a deeper level the following three causes for creating your Brightest Future:
Your members will walk away with the following:

  • Identifying how they can use the three causes in their life to create their brightest future
  • Discover a greater vision for their life
  • Empowered to find the blessing in any situation
  • Reconnecting with the divine power within
Attendees will:

  • Discover how their life is shaped by their perception of reality
  • Learn how to gave greater belief in what is possible for their life
  • Realize how they can create the life of their dreams
Attendees will:

  • Walk away realizing that it’s the small things that create larger things
  • Identify the importance of acting versus reacting
  • Be shown how to use the Law of Momentum to have more, be more, and do more
Attendees will:

  • Be Fired Up, Pumped Up, and Inspired
  • Learn how to transform tragedy into triumph
  • Leave renewed in spirit, passion, and faith
  • "Matt Jones at a young age tapped into the universal power that is available to all. His story is proof of what is possible for our lives. He has a transformational message that is life changing."
    – Dr. Catherine Ponder, Author, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity