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About Matt
Inspirational Speaker Matt Jones Transforming New Thought Centers and Churches around the World

Matt Jones is an inspirational speaker and author. His mission is to inspire audiences and share wisdom to enlighten and transform individuals and organizations to transform adversity into excelling into new heights of consciousness. Matt has been blessed to share his miraculous story and message to numerous New Thought Centers and Churches showing the possibility of the Divine power within each one of us. Matt's story has been featured in both international magazine and TV shows. He hold as BA in Communication, MLS in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership, and is pursuing his doctorate in Organizational Leadership.Matt is currently the author of eights books with more to come in the future.
Matt's Life Transforming Event
Sept. 11, 2002 would forever change the life of Matt Jones. He was a senior in college looking forward to graduation. As he began his fall semester something was not right. He was sleeping up to sixteen hours a day and during one twenty-four hour period he slept for twenty-three hours. Thinking that he had mono, Matt went to see his doctor. A little after one o' clock on Sept. 11, 2002 Matt would receive the phone call that would be a turning point in his life. "Matt, you are sicker than we thought. Your white bloodcount is five times greater than normal. You probably have leukemia." A bone marrow biopsy would confirm that at the age of twenty-three Matt was diagnosed with cancer, acute myeloid leukemia. Without treatment, it would become fatal within a few weeks to a few months.
In January of 2004 while waiting for a donor the cancer came back a second time after being in remission and spread to Matt's cerebral spinal fluid. At this point doctors gave him a less than 10% chance of living. A special device placed in Matt's head to treat the cancer became infected, one of his kidneys began to fail, and his temperature rose above 104 degrees. This lethal combination caused him to slip into an unconsciousness state on Valentine's Day of 2004. At two o'clock in the morning, doctors had family and friends called, as they were not sure if Matt would make it through the night.Miraculously, Matt recovered and went into remission for a third time. Upon recovery, Matt was disorientated, experienced memory loss, had slurred speech, and had to relearn how to walk. Once back in remission Matt went through full body radiation and several intense rounds of chemotherapy in preparation for a bone marrow transplant.
Full Body Radiation
Matt Crossing The Finish Line At The Rome Marathon
On Mother's Day of 2004, Matt walked out of the hospital after a successful bone marrow transplant and has been in remission ever since. One year after finishing up chemotherapyMatt completed the San Diego Rock N' Roll marathon. Since then he has ran marathons in Rome, Tokyo, Peru, Perth, Cape Town, and is currently training for his seventh marathon on his seventh continent in Antarctica.
Matt is irrationally passionate about sharing his miraculous story and message with the intention to inspire others. His mission is to ignite and flame the fire within individuals and organizations to develop a higher consciousness in order to live their true potential by growing daily in love, abundance, and gratitude.
Matt's Mission
"Matt Jones at a young age tapped into the universal power that is available to all. His story is proof of what is possible for our lives. He has a transformational message that is life changing."
Dr. Catherine Ponder, Author, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity